Intercessors, singers, and musicians to pray and worship with the Word of God in keeping with the model according to Revelation 5:8.   Revelation 4 & 5 includes a description of the heavenly worship and intercession offered to God around His throne, nonstop by the 24 elders and four living creatures.  Worship with singing and musical instruments combined with prayers all flow together as one offering to the Lord.   This merging together of prayer, Word, and worship is  “harp and bowl”. The harp is referring to music in Revelation 5 and the bowl of incense representative of intercession.

 God’s kingdom and His will, bringing heaven to earth, are what Jesus instructed His disciples to pray for in Matthew 6:10. Those of us on earth would agree with who God says He is (worship) and agree with what He wants to do (intercession) as is done in heaven.  As God’s plan is followed in heaven, so it is in many places around the nation and the earth.

Hour by hour, prayer and worship for God’s Kingdom to grow and take hold of the earth and especially in Charlotte County is being offered up by prophetic intercessory worshipers, instrumentalists and spoken intercession based on the Word of God. 

The ministry of CC-HOP is not the ministry of a single church, but of the whole church in Charlotte County and surrounding areas.  Musicians, singers, artists, and intercessors of various churches and ministries have been trained in this model and partner together to establish the House of Prayer in Charlotte County. CC-HOP offers and provides equipping/training for intercessors, singers, musicians. Our goal is to release them into various churches, congregations, to ignite a spirit of prayer in the body of Messiah.

Florida alone, has 40 Houses of Prayer, including the Charlotte County House of Prayer, using a biblical model of combining worship and prayer. There are also houses of prayer like this in Jerusalem, Israel and around the globe. We are both excited and honored to be part of this hour's prophetic intercessory worship. Houses of prayer exist to fuel God’s Kingdom and culture to express itself bringing transformation in every area of influence in our local community, state, nation and around the globe.  These areas of influence include:
Media/News & Commentary

Each person in the body of Christ Jesus/Messiah Yeshua is an individual MOBILE house of prayer unto the LORD that impacts the atmosphere wherever they go. We are each living stones a part of the living holy temple of the LORD.

charlotte county house of prayer