charlotte county house of prayer


*Fridays: 7-9 pm  NightWatch: Apostolic Intercession

*Saturdays:  11 am-12 pm:  Prayer for Israel & the Nations

*Sundays:  10:30 am-12:00 pm:  The Gathering- Worship & Teaching of the Word

Mondays:  8-9 am  Women's Prayer

                  11 am-12 pm:  Prayer for Healing

                  7-8:30 pm:  Bible Study-Song of Solomon

*Tuesdays:  7-8 pm: Devotional / Intercessory Watch

Wednesdays:  11 am-12 pm:  Prayer for Provision

Thursdays:  12-1 pm:  One Hour with Our Father - Praying the Lord's Prayer                               *7-8 pm:  Devotional Watch

*Live music with musicians & singers